VoiceCare Network
Continuing Course: Conducting Gesture & Voice
July 21- 26, 2019
Saint John's University
Collegeville, MN 56321

Registration Deadline:  07/09/2019

Complete and submit the form below to register for the VoiceCare Network's Summer Course. This system walks you through paying either by check or credit card.

PAYING BY CHECK? If you plan to pay by check, please complete this online form. DO NOT print it off and handwrite your information. Once you submit this form, an option allows you to print an invoice which you mail with your check. Doing this enters your information in to our system, alerting us that you are registering. It also eliminates the need for us to manually enter your record.

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Accommodations Arrangements

Suites contain 4 bedrooms and a common shared area. If you prefer to share with a specific attendee or attendees, please list their name(s) below.

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Course Fees: 

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT - The course fees below include a $50.00 early bird discount.
This discount is available through Friday, May 31, 2019.

Course Registration w/Graduate Credits: $750.00
Course Registration no Credits: $450.00

Course Book:
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   Option I Single, 3 meals per day, facility fee* $426.00
   Option II Single, 2 meals per day, facility fee* $380.00
   Option III Facility fee* only-no housing + 1 meal
(All participants are included in the last catered meal)

Additional nights:

If you plan to arrive early or extend your stay beyond the course - or - if you choose Option III (Facility fee only) but need to stay on campus a few nights, please indicate your needs below.

Cost for single with air conditioning: $56.50 per night

Number of Nights:

Dates needed:

Meals are not included with additional nights; however, they can be purchased on site. Cafeteria-style meal costs: Breakfast: $9.65  Lunch: $11.65  Dinner: $11.90  

Payment Option:

Full payment - I plan to pay the full amount due
Deposit - I plan to pay the non-refundable registration fee of $200.00 with the balance payable 10 days before the course begins.

Payment Method: Check by mail   Credit Card through PayPal  *


*The facility fee is a $9.00 per day fee charged by the Saint John's Events Office to all participants of on-campus workshops.

All prices are subject to possible minor changes.